Since its conception in 1982, paramount importance has been given to the safety and wellbeing of its employees and others affected.

Roof work is a safety-critical occupation requiring careful planning and preparation. Putting skilled roofers in a position to work safely and remain healthy has required a high level of director commitment and investment in safety, wellbeing and training.

Watershed Roofing has put in place an organisation system and arrangements that can deliver the high standards of safety and wellbeing required by today’s society. All of its employees know their own individual responsibilities and how to work in a team to deliver them. Its management system is based on the ISO 45001 Standard.

Watershed management, supervisors and roofers are taught to respect the risks that roof work presents to them. No matter how many times they have the experience of similar roof jobs, they still take time to assess each individual job risk. They have the knowledge and experience to judge when it is safe to proceed and when not and if required can call on professional advice in support to them.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of its system, Watershed has achieved and maintained accreditation to various contractor schemes including CHAS and Construction Line and is a long-standing member of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, having successfully participated in the Federation’s safety awards scheme.

Watershed has its own professional Health & Safety advisor employee to monitor its operational sites and report on performance.

Watershed continues to improve its safety and wellbeing performance by reviewing its performance, adjusting its systems to the needs of its stakeholders whenever necessary. All accidents are investigated to ensure lessons to be had are learnt.

The value of preventing pain, suffering and loss of reputation can never be underestimated.

Our Accreditations

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